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Southern Comfort
Spotlight on Business
Spotlight on Business
When Bruce Byrket started Wheel Guard, a mobile wheel reconditioning business, in Chattanooga Tennessee in 2000 he never dreamed how his business would grow and in what direction. After the attacks on 9/11 Bruce decided to move his new business closer to home, family and friends. By 2002 the business started to really take off and to help grow the business Byrket decided to hire independent contractors. Now operating in 10 states with 11 contractors and 15 employees. One would think that was enough, not Bruce. In 2006 Rim Technologies was born, a business that specializes in straightening, welding, polishing and custom painting of automotive wheels. With all of this going on who is taking care of business? At the top of the heap is Bruce handling the research and development, with his wife Blaine watching over the finances and in 2008 Stefani Halloran came on board to take care of e-commerce sales among other things. With things going well the Byrket’s thought it was good idea to take sometime for themselves. Semi-retiring to Puerto Rico in 2010 the couple were enjoying their time together. One sunny day at the beach, after enjoying a few adult beverages, the couple decided it might be a good idea to open their own bar and restaurant on the beach, and that’s just what they did! After a lot of planning and hard work the couple successfully opened their “Dream”, however, it was not long before they started to miss their home. By the summer of 2012 the couple had settled in and were getting back to their routine, but the desire to own their bar and restaurant was still with them. Blaine and her assistant, Stefani spent a lot of time sharing their ideas of the “Dream” bar and after the purchase of the property, Blaine, Stefani and Bruce began the process of fulfilling their dream which was soon to become a night mare. Well knowing that the process would take hard work, money and time they never considered that as they finished one project an “Evil Grinch” would raise it’s head and halt the process. Starting with the total gutting of the building in September, 2012, the crew began rebuilding with new walls, floors ceiling, bar, exterior siding, and kitchen equipment. Things were going as planned with an expected open on November 23, 2012, however, issues with permits set them back. Plans were set to open just after Christmas, but again the “Evil Grinch” raised it’s head delaying the opening once again. The “never say die team” pushed ahead with a positive attitude saying they would take the time to make sure they were 100% . Working and training the 14 new employee’s , hired form our community, they planned their opening for February 4, 2012, but again a delay in some final inspections set them back, and they are now hopeful of opening by the end of February or the first of March. When it’s all said and done “Southern Comfort” will be the place that you will want to visit. With a menu of fabulous sandwiches and dinners (several with a Cajun flare) and 12 beers on tap and a host of signatures cocktails , all made with Southern Comfort, you’re sure to enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere. You may come in as a stranger but by the time you leave you will be family.

Sun and Mon Closed
Tues 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Wed 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Thurs 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Kitchen closes an hour before restaurant closes

Southern Comfort Bar and Grill
417 N Spring Street
New Paris, OH 45347
Phone: 937-437-0443
Fax: 937-437-0442

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